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neverwinter_screenNeverwinter’s Open Beta has been announced for April 30th. This means that 3 months from now, Baldur’s Gate oldies as well as table top gamers alike will flock to the latest entry on the MMORPG market. It also means that 3 minutes after reading this, you should head over to the official site and put your name into the beta sign up form to gave the game a spin once it goes live. Neverwinter certainly has built up a cult followership, so it might be a bit difficult to break into the game with everyone else having played its predecessors over and over. Luckily there are some new guides out there that help players new to the universe to get their feed on the ground. Of course, the decision to have it published as free-to-play by Perfect World might help as well to draw in some new players – thus making it more casual friendly. This is also reflected in the base class system of cleric, fighter, rogue and wizard. But veterans don’t have to fret: After getting started with the ‘rough class’ you can then later on specialize into an astounding number of sub-classes, reminding some players of the good ol’ EQ2 days.

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KillerGuides MoP Leveling Guide Review

Mists of Pandaria Logo

Let me ask you a question before you read this review: what makes a good game guide? Is it the amount of information presented to you? The quality of the content or perhaps, is it the aesthetic aspects of it? Over the past years I’ve been reviewing game guides for a variety of games: Final Fantasy, Aion, Age of Conan and most recently World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Recently I earned my copy of the KillerGuides Mists of Pandaria Guide from a friendly online competition. Within this review, I’ll go into some deep detail what the guide is about and how you, the player can get your copy on this fantastic guide. So, let’s get started shall we?

First off, the guide can be purchased at through their website for $29.99 USD. Once you completed the checkout process, you will be given login details to login into the website and download your purchased copy. The guide presents itself as a PDF format thus make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date. Next, there are over 10 chapters in the guide relating to walkthroughs, leveling strategies, dailies and much more. The information laid out are in two easy to read columns. In addition to written text, the guide provides maps and tables for players to reference. It can easily be said the tables are highly informative as they include skill and ability information denoting which skills players are recommended to use in PvE or PvP settings.

KillerGuides Mists of Pandaria LevelingIn this paragraph here, I’d like to talk about the sections which stood out to me. It was difficult for me to choose which sections were the best to cover but I’ll start with walkthroughs first. Like in any other game, walkthroughs are essential to never missing a step in the game, right? In KillerGuide’s MoP Leveling manual, the author has taken the liberty to writing out a literal step-by-step walkthrough noting quests and their objectives. I’m certain for many players, such as myself, would like to complete every single quest available in the game to earn the highest rewards. With that said, the guide denotes which quests give players the highest amount of EXP and how to go about completing them.

Next is battle strategies. Spamming buttons is certainly not the answer when I encountered tough mobs. Instead, by applying these skill rotations written by the author, skill usage and cooldown worked hand-in-hand. I constantly had spells and move to spam enemies without worrying too greatly on cooldown.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this guide written (as noted on the website) by a WoW veteran. I can confidently say: the strategies (superior talent build recommendation or battle strategies) worked great. I’m not exaggerating but I’m highly, highly flabbergasted by this amazing guide. Comparing to others, this guide has the leading–no, cutting edge tactics that actually work when applied. There’s nothing more to say about this guide other than this book deserves a five star rating for its promised strategies and free updates.

In addition, I would like to announce the All Access Pass by KillerGuides. This is a pass where you can download all 200+ guides and counting from their website. Game guides old or new can be found in their gaming category. This is the perfect time to pick up this pass since their website contains updated WoW guides in anticipation for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. These guides will help you prepare for your epic journey to come. For those of you planning on rolling out a Monk, don’t miss out the chance to mold the ultimate Pandaria Monk using veteran proven strategies featured here.

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New WoW Monk on PvP

Want to know whether the new class introduced in the Mists of Pandaria, the monk, will be able to dominate PvP?. Below is a wow monk guide video showing how strength this class is.  Take a seat, hold your breath and see it for yourself!

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Introduction to WoW Monk Class

WoW Monk Class

Here’s a quick guide to Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard’s 2012 expansion for World of Warcrft. Check out this MoP handbook for detailed insights into the expansion including walkthroughs for the new zones and gameplay tactics.

As most avid fans and players of World of Warcraft know, the new expansion pack for the game, Mists of Pandaria, will be released later this month. The new class in the Mists of Pandaria will be the WoW Monks class. This class will be available across every race, something that is relatively unique within the game. Another very unique feature to the Monk is that their combat will rely primarily on hand to hand skills, while weapons will be used only in finishing moves. This will mark the first melee class in World of Warcraft that engages in primary combat without using weapons.

Monks will be able to use both cloth and leather gear, and will be able to equip fist weapons, one handed axes, one handed maces, one handed swords, polearms and staves. Thanks to the early release of the Mists of Pandaria beta, many a Pandaria guide and WoW monk guide have already been created. Monks will have three talent specs; a basic combat spec, a healing spec, and the much hyped brewmaster spec which will use various beverages and specialized methods of combat.

The Monk class introduces many new elements to tired melee classes, as no new classes have been added to the game since Wrath of the Lich King’s Death Knight class which automatically started at level 55. The Monks will give players the experience of leveling an entirely new class from level one to maximum level, an experience that players have not been given since the original World of Warcraft was released. This expansive new combat and opportunity to learn an entirely new class has excited not only dedicated World of Warcraft players but older players who had previously given up on the game out of boredom with its content.

Learn more about the Monk class here.

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Blizzard Releases New Trailer for the WoW Mists of Pandaria

With the release of Mists of Pandaria are lots of new zones, monsters, raid and dungeons for players to challenge themselves on. To get a quick and concise rundown on Pandaria, we recommend checking out this Pandaria ebook.

After watching the newest trailer for Mists of Pandaria, all I can say is AWESOME! The new trailer is graphically beautiful and full of action and humor. It shows off the new Panda class and explores their motivations for fighting.

This trailer makes me salivate for the new expansion more than ever, but I can’t help but think they borrowed heavily from Kung-Fu Monk Panda. The scene opens up with sea battle between two ships and they both eventually sink. Two survivors, one human and one orc, land on a nearby island and after discovering each other do what they do best; grab anything at all and start kicking the crap out of each other.

As they fight, they are suddenly separated by a blazing fast creature, and they both look bewildered. We soon come to realize the creature is a Panda and he sets about demolishing the two warriors without even breaking a sweat. The camera pans out to see the Panda village and we understand that the Pandas don’t fight for gold or glory, but to protect their home.

SWEET!!!!! The Panda’s fit perfectly with what is traditionally considered the monk class. They are martial artists that have a deep faith in their art. It’s very similar to the traditional Chinese martial art beliefs. The Panda’s motions are fluidic and natural using their enemies own movements against them.

Anyone that watches this trailer is going to want to try out the new class. They will easily fit into the team makeup easily as high damage fighters that rely on quickness over brawn.

Looking for something more extensive to help you with your game? Then we recommend to check this out.


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Blizzard Gives Sneak Peek At Pandaria Leveling Zone

pandaria new level zone


Here’s a quick guide to Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard’s 2012 expansion for World of Warcrft. Check out this MoP handbook for detailed insights into the expansion including walkthroughs for the new zones and gameplay tactics.

The Mists of Pandaria zones and questhave been shrouded in mystery as Blizzard teases players with snippets here and there, but the game company has finally provided us with our first in-depth look of Mogu’shan Vaults.

The zone is a creepy locale complete with undead bosses and a few nasties thrown in to make it more than a little interesting. Blizzard has released not only a map of the area, but also detailed descriptions of some of the unique enemies associated with the zone. This gives players the opportunity to plan out their raids and lets them know that they are up against.

By the looks of it, this zone is going to be pretty tough even for high level players, so the more information the better. The first enemies players will likely encounter are the Stone Guardians. These large dog-like beasts are tough on their own, but if you get caught in the middle of a pack, prepare for a fight.

When the beasts get within 12-yards of another guardian, they gain energy. That means, the more enemies, the stronger they become. When their energy levels reach certain levels, they can unleash special attacks that can so some major damage. There are several types of guardians, each one modeled after a specific type of mineral such as: jade, amethyst, cobalt and jasper. Yeah, I don’t know what jasper is either.

When alone, the guardian goes into stone form, which negates 90 percent of attacks and it can claw a target with Rend Flesh, but once others are near and the energy pool increases, they can unleash devastating attacks including petrification that is very harmful to all of wow class including monks brewmaster

No one likes being in the middle of a fight and suddenly realizing they can’t move. It just sucks. If the energy level reach max, then the guardian overloads and releases a major burst of fire, shadow, nature, etc. damage depending on the type of guardian.

Learn more about Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria here.


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Learn How to Tame Pet in WoW Mists of Pandaria Guide

pandaria pet

Learn more about Pandaria, the new Monk class and the Pandaren race from this Mists of Pandaria Compendium.

I have some interesting news for you guys today. Blizzard released news on it’s newest expansion coming out named Mists of Pandaria. Now part of that announcement was about pets. I’m just going to break down what they talked about kind of summarize everything, make it easy to understand so you don’t have to read through giant walls of texts. Anyways, the pets you can collect them, you can have as many as you want, you can level them, you can battle them, and you can name them. There’s all sorts of customization. They may have talent tree’s, but haven’t really announced it yet. Every class can use these pets, including new wow monk class, I like to think of them as Pokemon to be honest. That’s pretty much what they are is World of Warcraft Pokemon.

Now how you find them, is basically you go out into the wild and you will battle these Pokemon. Once you defeat it, you can add it to your pet journal. Some pets are more rare than others. You can only find some at night, sometimes you can only find some when it’s raining, at different seasons of the year, that sort of thing. Some pets will be more tanky than others, some will have some CC. I can think of Jigglypuff, you know your little CC Pokemon, and Charrazard DPS all the way. These pets will be account wide. You only have to get one per account, you don’t have to get pets on every single one of your alts.

pandaria pet 2

For battling, winning battles will basically give your pets experience, to level it up like in Pokemon. When going into battles you can have three abilities per pet, and three pets on a team. It will be turn based like Pokemon, and it will be a que system like dungeon finder. You won’t have to wait forever and it will be based off level, so you’ll be able duel people roughly the same level as you. You can also have duels with other players in the pandaria leveling. I imagine it will be like a Pokemon, chicken fight style thing outside of ?, which will be interesting to watch. All the pets that you bring into battle will have item sockets, they haven’t really explained too much what they are planning on using item sockets for.

They said they might be able to gems in them, maybe even consumables. There’s also going to be a key player verses environment aspect of these pets. Especially with the masters, now what a master is, is kind of like a boss. I think they called them gym leaders in Pokemon. There’s so many parallels with this and Pokemon, it’s just not even funny. I’m not sure if they purposely were trying to copying Pokemon or if it inspired them. Anyways, there’s going to be different, what they call masters, which are pretty much gym leaders, through out the world. When you beat them, you can earn abilities for your Pokemon. The example that they give is being the master of mechanical pets will give a new ability for a pet you want to use it on.

Besides a new Monk class, all the WoW classes gets new content, some even drastically revamped. This set of WoW class references may come in handy for anyone who plans to play Mists of Pandaria.

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Second Glance at PokePet and Main Villain in WoW Mists of Pandaria Guide

mists of pandaria petLearn more about Pandaria, the new Monk class and the Pandaren race from this Mists of Pandaria Compendium.

I think that WoW’s Pokémon, or PokePet as I’ll be calling it, will be so successful. At first you may be like, ‘Why the hell are they adding something so lame?’ First off, you have to give everything a chance before you knock it. You may be saying it’s stupid now, and when it releases you may be hooked on it more than the other aspects of the game. It’s also just another option of something to do. I hear a lot of people saying, ‘Things are boring.’ This could be something to fill up your free time when you are bored. If that’s not the case, then don’t play it at all. No one is forcing you. The rewards won’t make you a better player in rating or PVP, so who cares? If you think it wastes resources, you have to think of the bigger picture. Adding content like this appeals to a different crowd of young players which, in my opinion, will keep WoW going along with Blizzard for years to come. With more players and more money, Blizzard can afford to add even more content for all players of all types and play styles. Adding pandaria guide for PokePet will actually create more resources for game development, not less. Another reason I like the idea is anyone who played classic is starting to get to the age where their kids can play. While rating and PVP can be too complex for my 6-year-old, he levels fine and would probably really enjoy playing WoW PokePet since he likes Pokémon and does just fine on his 3DS with it.

What about the last big announcement for Mists of Pandaria? No main villain. I guess that can be kind of shocking, but, honestly, we didn’t really have one in classic either. Some could say Rag or Nefarium, but defeating those bosses never felt like you beat the game. When players took out the Lich King, a mass majority quit because it felt like that was it. Deathwing will probably feel the same way. The thing is, though, WoW is an ongoing story and really should never feel like it has ended even if maximum level cap with pandaren leveling guide. When designers and writers build up the story to its climax and this main boss and then it’s defeated, players feel like there’s nothing else to do. They quickly get bored and quit in droves. That’s why I think classic was so engaging and successful when compared to Wrath or Arcana.


Another downfall is that players really feel behind if they miss a month of game play. It’s easy to catch up these days, but mentally you’re thinking you’ll never catch up and might as well quit or wait until the next ex-pack is released. When you’re relied on by other players and your guild, this can cause a chain reaction with mass players quitting. I think that’s why player retention is in the gutter when compared to classic WoW and a very good reason why Blizzard is looking to lure younger players to stabilize the future of Blizzard entertainment and its games. At least they make it an option so veteran players won’t have to be forced into content or game play they’ve grown out of or just aren’t interested in.

Learn more about Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria here.

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First Look at Newest Expansion of WoW, Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria Banner

Below is an overview of the expansion for you to quickly get started. For more advanced content such as strategies to level up, earn fast-cash or easily win battles as a Monk, don’t miss out on this MoP expansion book.

At BlizzCon 2011, World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, was announced. At the convention there was a lot of support but in-game and online there were a lot of mixed reactions. The side not wanting the expansion was pretty heavy when compared to past expansion announcements. As time went on, players began to change their minds and are now getting more excited for it.

For me, when it comes to any new game announcement I am slow to respond just because I haven’t usually given the game enough of a chance for any sort of review or opinion. With Mists of Pandaria I did get a chance to play it at BlizzCon, and I have to say, wow monk and pandaren are awesome. They also fit well into the World of Warcraft lore more than most may believe. Mists of Pandaria itself looks and plays pretty awesome in my opinion, but what about the other additions, like a new towns systems, Pokémon and the fact that there isn’t a main villain. Also, the Monk has no auto-attack, but it felt pretty smooth and better without it, almost like having it would be weird instead of vice versa. Come to think of it, most games don’t have an auto-attack to begin with, which is why it shouldn’t be foreign to anyone unless you’ve only ever played WoW. Even then, though, having a character who does martial arts with an auto-attack wouldn’t make sense anyway. It’s not 100% for sure yet, but I hope they leave it without auto-attack.

wow Monk Class

The new town system was sort of expected after the debacle with Cataclysm. They went in the right direction but didn’t follow through all the way, so we ended up pretty much right back where we were. I’m not saying the system is a complete failure, but I am glad to see a new one coming. The only problem I see with it is, if it feels too much like Glyphs, then what is the point of it being a whole separate system at all? At that point it just seems like Glyphs that are given to you at certain points. Either way, it has to be one of the most difficult things to design in the wow mop guide. How do you provide players with unique customization and avoid cookie-cutter specs while still providing the most effective spec for whatever a player’s interested in? Players will always follow others since they know math wizards with tons of experience are the ones sharing their optimal specs. I don’t remember being stuck to any certain talent point and layout on my Arcane Mage in classic WoW, and typically did some unorthodox stuff while still rocking on DPS, beating out better geared Frost Mages, which theoretically shouldn’t have happened. Anyway, the new system is simplified to cater to WoW’s future of new players while providing more sensible options to veteran players alike.

I hope I could give my opinion on Mists of Pandaria and show everyone that I think Blizzard is making the right moves most of the time and that they have an insanely hard job to do, including adding new class spec link wow monk build. How do you get new players, retain old and appeal to different demographics, backgrounds, genders and lifestyles while still making an insanely fun game for each player on every layer of play? Buffing rogues makes them happy, but pisses mages off. Giving priests a special heal makes Druids jealous and they complain. It’s a never-ending battle just like the World of Warcraft.

For proven tips to level up quickly in Pandaria this guide is recommended. Offered as a single product by the publisher, gamers also have the option to get their Monk guide all in one go as a WoW product set.

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